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Our Story

My name is Christy Lewylle and I am the excited to be the owner and sole employee of Pet Paradise North.  A little about me, my husband Greg and I moved to Yellowknife 5 years ago with our 2 daughters from Ontario in search of a new adventure! I never would have thought this adventure would bring us to where I am today, but what a dream come true!!!  

After working multiple jobs over the first 3 years in Yellowknife, the common theme I always heard from co-workers was "Yellowknife needs more Dog Daycares, Dog Groomers, Dog Walkers, Dog Boarding locations, etc.

When Greg and I saw this property for sale in Kam Lake we just knew it was the perfect lcoation for a Dog Business.  We purchased the property and my handy husband converted the old school portable on the property into the beautiful dog paradise it is now! I am so happy to be able to share this dream with the Community of Yellowknife and I love making your dogs happy everyday! 

I love my logo - it was created by my talented dad.  

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